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Heroes of the drama "Bad weather" live together more than forty years. They go to concerts, at cinema, travel. The prosperity came to family together with popularity of Dan, writer and playwright. The spouse, not less talented woman, prefers to remain in the shadow of glory of the husband. Nobody guesses that she is the master's coauthor, and her contribution to business not less valuable.

Once, journalists bring the woman to frankness, setting her thinking on the life, its sense and purpose. The couple goes to the South of France. On the country house they, together with actor's troupe, work on the play with philosophical sense. Work on statement forces the spouse to realize that the way chosen by it, full submission to the interests of the husband destroyed it as the personality. Better late than never, and the rebel decides to leave the husband and to tear completely with former life. She declares that the love passed, and leaves, than brings into shock of all relatives and friends. Those consider that the woman went crazy. Only time will judge whether the decision of the elderly woman who decided to start everything anew was true.

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