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Fans of the closed parties, if it is connected with sex and debauchery, do not understand that once they will be caught up by justice. And in time another meeting when all of them were ready to the maximum temptation, something went wrong and the world having concealed breath expects results. All participants find themselves in snow in the morning. Without understanding what at all occurred and why they were on street, there comes the awful event. Five lovers understand that there was a serious change. But only four from them woke up on the street, and here the fifth girl for some reason did not become.

Having come to the normal state friends find her body. She is dead. Understanding that it is the end, their sex party will be opened, heroes should pass a set of tests. Close with dead the strange piece of paper was found, and having only read it they understand all main point. Incredibly, but the maniac tells the made mad act about the following acts. It appears, someone from participants of a party killed the workmate, and now all others are forced to remember who actually responsible and what at all occurred. Their mind cannot apprehend information and not all will manage survive. In the message it is told that only frank recognition will help to save lives of the others, or all of them will go to another dimension. It is not so simple to find responsible …

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