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  • Year: 2018
  • Country: UK
  • Director: Jason M.J. Brown
  • Creator: P, /, J
  • Actors: Chloe Clarke, Martin Farmilo, Sadie...
  • Running time: 1h 24min
Events of a picture take place near the British capital. Tom and Leah – young couple, passing on the wood, have accident. Having decided to examine the area where they had to get stuck, heroes will come across ruins of the old church erected here in the Middle Ages. The girl and the young man are going to examine the place attracting to itself the unique gloom and mysteriousness. But exactly here couple is noticed by lady Lucie's ghost – the girl who died in this church in day of the wedding.

So it turned out that before a wedding Lucie once caught the beloved with the mistress. In an anger attack the girl killed at first the groom, then the competitor then reduced scores with own life. Now she entices people into "Valley" then she cruelly deals shortly with them. This time all revenge of Lucie is aimed at Tom and Leah. Having appeared within Lucie's territory, heroes, having understood that to them not to escape from here live, begin fight against it. During opposition the girl and the guy are divided. The poisoned Leah continues to look for Thomas while the guy tries to get out of this terrible place and looks for a way to cope with Lucie's ghost.

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