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Heroes of the fantastic thriller "Paranormal Angrily Online", brothers Justin and Aaron, being children lived in the religious community where, as well as all other "brothers and sisters", worshipped an unknown being, without asking a question of sense of the belief. But the they became more senior, the more clearly understood that life of their "family" significantly differs from that that ordinary people conduct. Especially those mystical rituals which were necessary attribute of existence of sectarians frightened brothers. Becoming is more senior, all of them realized more clearly that all of them do not want to be a part of it, and as a result decided to leave sect.

Brothers managed to find the place in the world of ordinary people, memories of the past were erased from their memory. But, as it appeared, they were not forgotten by members of community. After several years of normal life brothers received the message from former "relatives" who invited them to return. In case of disobedience they are waited by a cruel penalty. Justin and Aaron decide not to pay attention to an appeal, but soon notice the signs indicating approach of a serious trouble. Young people do not want to come under influence of sectarians, but to defend the freedom becomes too dangerously.

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