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Amanda desperately looks for work and once she is lucky: the woman finds a vacancy in hotel of the small town. However Amanda does not know that on it her luck comes to an end. Fight, but now — for survival is necessary to her again.

3.6 391

Coffin 2

Tric is among five paralyzed hostages. So far the FBI agent and the former detective use all possible efforts to find them, the group of unfortunate tries to be chosen and avoid awful death.

4.2 2958


During the zombie apocalypse at the man the wife perishes, and he remains with the daughter baby. But he was bitten too, and now the father had 48 hours to manage to find trustees for the baby.

6.3 23208

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Three American students decided to write down the extreme rest on video: deep-water immersion in a cage to a big white shark in South Australia. A cheerful adventure — such entertainment it seemed for friends. But the catastrophic turn of events sorted things out: friends appeared in the high sea alone with a big white shark.

4.1 2889

Dark River

Alice Bell is forced to lead a nomadic life for as much as fifteen years. And behold, the heroine of "Dark River" will return to the native land. The fact that her father-rapist walked away into another world. He left his children a good legacy, which will certainly excite your serious war. The thing that Alice's brother all this time took care of the father.

5.7 1870

Bonded by Blood 2

Notorious "Guys from Essex" are succeeded by group of criminals, young and hungry to the power. They call themselves friends and many blood shed together, but is ready to betray each other at the first opportunity when on a game there are their personal interests.

5.9 1021

Blood Money

The resourceful businessman Miller decides to begin new life on the money stolen from the client. Everything went according to the plan while, happy-go-lucky, money does not vanish in backwoods and falls into hands to three friends, travelers in these parts. Miller will not stop before anything to return what belongs to him.

4.5 1487

Double Lover

The young and fragile beauty Chloé (Marina Vakt) suffers from a constant depression in this connection she decides to resort to the help of psychotherapy. Soon the girl meets the attractive psychoanalyst Paul (Jérémie Rainier) who helps it to get rid of an illness. However along with it Chloé understands that it is imperceptible for itself fell in love with Paul. Their feelings are mutual, but when couple begins to live together, the girl finds out that her beloved at all not that for whom gives itself.

6.2 7836


The driver working for criminal groups after not really smoothly last robbery is forced to escape from persecutors in the car with the stolen money.

6.4 12960

The Strange Ones

Two brothers face series of mysterious events, traveling around the remote American areas. Serene, at first sight, rest opens a tangled and dark web of secrets.

5.0 1776

The Ghost and The Whale

The movie tells a story of Joseph having bipolar disorder of the person who went to the sea together with the darling once, and returned back, to the sleepy town, already one. His spouse Annabel completely disappeared, and the destiny her remains to the unknown. A year later the famous journalist Ad Hale comes to the city to try to get into the mysteries of history which happened to Joseph. However the hero fell into serious condition of psychosis in which the hysterical mania alternates with melancholy. Often he finds a shelter only in the company of the only friend — Grey Keith.

To understand local customs and customs, Ad resorts to the help of the local — Mitch who is eager to become the writer. And meanwhile, having stayed ten years in prison, Jack, the most cruel of brothers of the wife of Joseph, with great desire to revenge comes back home. Ad and Joseph have to find as soon as possible the truth in dark business of disappearance of Annabel to present it to Jack before that buries both of them.

4.3 199

Awaken the Shadowman

The quarreled brothers are reconciled after mysterious disappearance of their mother. They suspect that behind it there is certain supernatural force and that something can be behind them.

4.4 1565


The family which is fenced off from the world around involves the famous expert in occult sciences to pull out the son from the ominous sect obsessed with a cult of violence. But in attempt to stop process of capture of his mind, the family is locked in a country house in the depth of the wood in an environment of the ruthless sectarians who decided to return the gone member of the sect.

4.7 2212

Most Beautiful Island

The emigrant Lyusiana tries to survive in New York. The woman cannot come back home and does not want therefore she grabs any opportunity to earn — to distribute leaflets on the street, nurses other people's spoiled children. Once the Russian girlfriend Olga offers lungs, at first sight, money. It is necessary to accompany guests at a party for the high fee, and Lyusiana agrees with pleasure.

5.6 2181


As a result of the failed business the private detective receives the taintsvenny ominous book diary in the order. He decides to read it and, without suspecting that, involves himself and the daughter in deadly fight fight for their lives and souls.

5.5 835

Jeepers Creepers III

23 years ago Gayler Brendon lost the son Kenny who was gobbled up by an awful monster, and now lives in the remote house together with the granddaughter Eddison. When in the district the monster on the infernal van appears again, Gayler is the son and says that that will return to take away the property which Kenny dug near the house. In the same time the sheriff who was already earlier dealing with the flying sharp-clawed monster tries to organize local police to put an end to these excesses.

4.0 13586

Devil's Whisper

15-year-old Alejandro Duren seeks to become one of Catholic priests. But once Alex finds a mysterious box and involuntarily the evil ghost releases. The hero has to find a way to defeat this ancient demon tormenting people from the very beginning of times until it destroyed his and his relatives.

4.2 491

Deadly Detention

Five typical teenagers serve sentence after lessons in the place not absolutely typical for this purpose. Not only that an after-school club to them not to liking, so also several hours later it it is necessary to face something strange and unclear. Whether school students will be able to get out of jail live?

4.1 180

Escape from Ensenada

In the center of a plot of a picture there are two girlfriends who decide to visit Mexico on the forthcoming vacation. But during rest they are kidnapped by members of criminal gang who expect to receive solid repayment as those blabbed out wealth of parents for girls. However villains did not consider that one of students represents the dangerous opponent. She quite skillfully handles weapon so thieves should learn on themselves that the anger of the girl who fell into a trap, but ready for everything for the sake of survival and rescue of the girlfriend means.

5.5 520


The group of teenagers decides to stop motorists and force them to participate in the real car racing further. Owners strength of mind are waited by something unusual. But not fair rates lead to consequences where one of participants for the sake of revenge decides on the most desperate act.
At the time of another race, two cars collide and one of drivers perishes. But, he comes back, only in shape of the ghost. He appears in a black car and begins to revenge for own death. One by one bastards died after the meeting with a ghost. But here is how only business reaches the chief criminal, events are developed in a different way. Something occurs not according to the plan, now the malefactor should get out of current situation.

3.5 335

By Any Means

The celebrity appears in a three-day imprisonment after night issue. During the investigation the police try to find out that is wanted more by the victim: justice or the publication of history on the front page of newspapers.

6.2 1604


On an ancient legend, demons hunt for souls of twins to take control of their bodies in the real world. After loss of one of twins at Mary's families feels constant fear for the second child. But the stronger it fear, the more sharply it is felt by demons, and the closer they to the twin.

5.3 2398


The terrible virus fell upon mankind — infected is not able to control itself at all. The rage, lust, fear and other emotions and impulses which are usually constrained by the civilized person escape outside, but in eight hours action of a virus takes place.

Derek Cho long also worked hard to achieve a good position in major law firm. Once the colleague with higher position and strong influence sets up him before the client both before the boss, and the virus gets to the same morning in their office skyscraper. The building is surrounded, the lawlessness begins to be created inside, and Derek decides to use this opportunity to restore justice.

6.3 10810

Mommy Be Mine

It is hard to imagine that feeling man who suddenly lost their child. This happened with the main character, which faced the loss of his daughter. The woman suffered huge stress, fell into a deep depression and didn't know how to live with this pain. No mother could not accept such a terrible event. The truth is that the main character isn't going to give up. She still believes in some kind of miracle to happen. A woman believes that her little girl back home, unharmed, and this nightmare they can forget together as a nightmare. However, the more days pass, the heavier the heroine have this tiresome wait.

4.7 144

Nightclub Secrets

Simple girl Zoe led a leisurely lifestyle and couldn't even imagine that at one point becoming party to unforeseen occurrences. Once it learned of the death of the native sisters. For unexplained reasons, for many, she died. Desperate relative could not come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Zoe could not understand why my sister so received, because it was the JNA and rejoiced at their life. It was all for happiness, but because of the stupid was committing suicide, brings pain and mourning loved ones.

4.9 222


The competent pilot of the drone Neil works under the private contract, spending personal days of work on confidential military departures, and then comes back home to the typical suburb to nothing to the suspecting family. But once its secret opens the informative website, exposing Neil not in the best possible light. The Pakistani businessman considering the pilot guilty of the death of the spouse and child begins to track down him sophisticated to revenge.

5.3 4917


Having regained consciousness after a car accident, Liam cannot remember anything. He tries to find the help, but on its way only dead bodies meet. The first guess — the virus extending by air. But the guy finds the awful truth out soon — any who is from him in radius of 15 meters, immediately dies.

6.2 8599

The Atoning

Living in the house which is in power of otherworldly forces, parents try to protect the little son from the gloomy secret capable to destroy their family.

4.2 573

Valley of Bones

2700. Valerian and Lorelin — space special agents who as obliges got mixed up in suspicious business and became involuntary participants of whether an intergalactic plot, whether swindle of the fancy settlers of the planet the Alpha who arrived there from various worlds from all corners of galaxies.

4.2 412

47 Meters Down

Having a rest on solar beaches of Mexico, Lisa and her sister Kate decide on immersion in a cage to big white sharks. But the spectacular attraction is wrapped in a nightmare when the cage with two girls breaks on an ocean bottom. The help has no place to wait, and oxygen remains only for an hour. The only exit from a deadly trap — to float up through thickness of water which teems with the most furious predators of the ocean.

5.6 35945

Voice from the Stone

The 50th years of the last century. The mysterious ancient castle in Tuscany. There comes Verena, the young nurse having the rare gift to restore psychologically injured children to normal life. She is able to find with them close contact. Verena — the last hope of the 40-year-old widower of Claus whose son Jacob within several months after the death of mother did not pronounce a word. It appears, the boy vowed silence until the spirit of mother does not return. Verena begins to suspect soon that the ghost of died plays with it cat and mouse to be installed in her body.

5.2 7965

Phoenix Forgotten

Sofie remembers the elder brother Josh very badly because 20 years ago, just in time celebrations of her sixth anniversary, all family became witnesses of an unusual luminescence in the sky over Arizona. After that Josh found adherents, and children decided to find out true nature of strange fires. Several days later three teenagers completely were gone. Now adult Sofie tries to learn what happened to her brother many years ago.

5.2 4375

The Nun

It is OK to take false steps when you are a teenager, it is unreasonable though to kick up something truly dangerous. Thus, a group of friends all too happy to have some unnerving experience from time to time, decide to peep into the parallel world. The protagonists of "Nun's Curse" movie have found some elder scrolls with instructions on how to call forth demons and for want of a better ideas decided to perform the forbidden ritual. All their lack of faith was quick to dissolve, when the guys reealised that they had unleashed a powerful creature of beyond, who craved to kill everyone for disturbing its peace. In an instant the small town was overwhelmed by incomprehensible events and only a chance has prevented a cataclysm.

5.9 20400


Sara addresses to clinic to recover from insomnia and nightmares, but instead every time when wakes up begins to feel disturbing changes. By means of the doctor the girl tries to return to normal life, gradually untangling knot from dreams, realities and even the tragic past.

5.1 461

Shimmer Lake

The retrospective subject line opens history of the local sheriff who works on search of the criminals who committed robbery of bank day by day.

6.2 7816

The Recall

Five friends are going to have a rest in the lonely house at the lake, and just at this time Earth is attacked by alien aggressors. And the purposes at them not so humane. Fortunately, in the forest the hunter who so just will not give mankind in offense is found.

4.4 5790

Better Watch Out

In the house on the quiet suburban small street the nurse tries to protect the twelve-year-old boy from burglars, but soon finds out that this not ordinary invasion.

6.5 19718

Small Town Crime

The retired police officer abusing binge finds a body of the killed girl. He undertakes investigation as for the last chance of rehabilitation, however zealous search of the murderer brings the hero to so dark jungle that under the threat there are all his relatives …

6.6 7158

An Ordinary Man

In the center of a plot of the relation, unexpectedly arising between the war criminal disappearing from justice and the only person with whom it keeps in contact — his maid.

5.4 1037


The school teacher of literature and the head of a chess circle Mr. Butler is very glad that the excellent student Loukas Ward was transferred to his school. The guy has the highest marks in all objects, and he adores literature, but on some questions has a little strange opinion. Mr. Butler does not agree with his conclusions in the composition and puts not the highest point. Now the teacher should learn that Loukas perfectly understands not only school objects, but also manipulation of people.

5.9 3690

1 Buck

Moving from one pocket to another, from the person to the person, the one-dollar note shows life of different people in Louisiana.

6.0 2225


The talented engineer Helen takes suicide of the husband hard. Once she learns something because of what it should kill the person. Hotly regretting for deeds, the girl goes to the past to correct all errors and to prevent murder.

4.8 1139


The former military Eddie Dickon cannot already find year work therefore it is ready to undertake any. And Eddie was lucky: there was a position of the night security guard in shopping center. And in the first change problems begin.

The 11-year-old girl is knocked on shopping center and asks about the help. She appears the important witness, and has to give evidences in court tomorrow. She is pursued by gang of bandits, and for them not a hindrance even the armored train transporting the girl. Under the leadership of the leading psychopath criminals act without mistakes and do not leave marks. This night will force Eddie to remember all that he so wanted to forget.

5.7 12127


At escape from a clinic for the insane, four teenagers kidnap the young nurse. The group of police officers led by the Texas ranger Hal Hartmen, vindictive and ruthless is started up in a pursuit of them. One of fugitives follows a way full of tragedies and horrors which will turn it into the maniac — a legend by the name of the Leather face.

5.0 14900

The Vault

During robbery of bank criminals open old storage which long ago nobody used. Having opened a forbidden door, they release to the world of ghosts.

4.8 9508

The Hunter's Prayer

For all the career the loner killer Stephen Lucas did not make any mistake. Even enemies called him by "the ideal car for murder". But once he could not pull the trigger. Now it and its former victim, the girl Ella with big fine eyes, wander across Europe to revenge responsible for cruel murder of her family.

5.5 5748

The Student

Because of Abigail jurors mistakenly condemn the person then she leaves a profession of the lawyer and goes to teaching. When Vincent, the ambitious student ready for all for the sake of good marks comes to its class on ethics, Abigail catches it on the academic deception. As Vincent's plan to prevent it gains steam, Abigail understands that she has to take care of the life — differently her student will make it for it.

4.8 256

Blood Brother

Jake gets prison term, to save his friends, and his best friend Chris abruptly changes his life and becomes a police officer. Freed from prison 15 years later, Jake seeks revenge.

5.3 59

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